For over 30 years L&M has been manufacturing Royal Icing Sugar Decorations such as Roses,
Flowers, Faces, and Seasonal Lay-ons.

L&M also offers the "Lucks" Edible Image® and Dec-Ons® designs for every occasion and the available licensed themes are always popular.

Airbrushing equipment and imaging machines are all available along with vivid food
colours and edible inks.

For the finishing touches, top your products with edible glitters, sprinkles, sugar
confetti and chocolate decorations. Gum Paste, Fondant, flavors and piping jellies are also available.

Royal Icing Decorations

L&M offers the best variety of edible cake decorations.

Chocolate Decorations

L&M's Edible Decorations

Image machines

Sprinkles, Quins, and Toppings.

Food Colours